Transferring Credits From Your Online Education

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Virtually everyone who considers online education is concerned about one primary thing….Can I transfer my online education credits to the school of my choice and get a diploma from that school? The answer is yes and no. One good starting point is….Are the schools in question a member of the Higher Education Transfer Alliance? If they are, they will at least consider your transcripts from the online program.

The Higher Education Transfer Alliance (HETA) is a group of colleges supporting the transfer of credits. Institutions belonging there agree to consider transfer credits and degrees from any college that receives accreditation from an institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or the United States Department of Education (USDE). You can search for programs in the HETA association on their official website.

Since these colleges are recognized by legitimate accreditation processes and assessments, there will not be any bogus entities on this list. Correspondingly, belonging to HETA does not mean that a college is deemed prestigious or that it will even be widely accepted in the employer workplace. It just means that they have a more generous transfer policy. Employers are placing an increasing level of credibility with online degrees, but in truth, they still have a level of stigma attached to them. The best solution would always be to

1) accumulate as many credits as possible online

2) transfer them to a known and valued institution

3) finish your specialty courses and courses unlikely to be transferred at that institution to complete your credit hours.

Then simply pick up your diploma.

This subject is somewhat complex. A lot of legwork is required to increase your odds of making all of the course credits fit the criteria of the accepting school. You must get specific with the schools in question, as it is impossible to make a summary judgment. All situations will be subject to the source of the credit, and the receiver of the credit. Just because a school is in HETA, does not mean that all credits are automatically accepted, especially after basic compulsory course levels. More advanced courses can be very parochial in some institutions, and they might be known for a specific major study. It is unlikely they would accept credits from anywhere if it was their pride and joy curriculum. They simply would not want to risk the loss of reputation in their fields of expertise.


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