The Excellent Question

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If  you’ve got the three points  you`ve got a strong thesis statement there and also if you look at it closely you’ll see that it is grammatically parallel because I sell I say cell phones can cause disruption that’s right that’s a verb and an object create distractions verb object enable cheating verb objects okay so goo Draya is saying if the writer is a journalist and he wants to be neutral okay if you’re talking about yes if you’re talking about writing an article for a newspaper or a magazine to be perfectly honest there are no rules okay I mean there are guidelines for good journalism if there’s any journalists out there.

Don’t get angry at me but essays the rules for essays are much stricter than anything else if you’re writing magazine newspaper articles if you’re writing stories or on a blog or anything you don’t really have to follow the same rules but for an opinion essay you just don’t want to seem like you don’t know what side of the argument you’re on okay roses got another question coming in so we are writing the paragraph to follow this order or can we change the excellent question good so I would say just for style just for organization and for clarity yes that the points you put in your thesis statement here should follow the order in the body paragraph so your first body paragraph should be about this second about this third about that okay again this is a general rule but that would be my advice for sure you’re not and you’re not you’re definitely not asking too many questions Rosa these are all excellent questions that more than you are not the only person to thinking about those questions.

I love questions it keeps me on my toes keeps me sharp okay so you’ll see that these are parallel this is a strong thesis statement so getting back to this I’ll give you one more example and then you guys have to do some work for me oh my goodness I’ve been talking so much time is flying by here was our essay question right professional athletes who test positive for performance-enhancing drugs should receive a lifetime ban from the sport to what extent do you agree or disagree so this is my thesis statement I say professional athletes caught taking performance-enhancing drugs should be banned from the sport for life now I’ve taken the original statement and I’ve kind of paraphrased it a little bit okay now that again this is fine but when it comes to the points the the formula is is basically the same for all thesis statements and you can say because a B and C okay I’m not going to get you to give you the points yet so banned from the sport for life because a B and C because of this reason this reason this reason and just make sure that a B and C are claws claws claws or phrase phrase phrase okay because of this and this end this just to make sure that they are grammatical.

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