Quick ways for essay writers to Improve their Typing Skills

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Typing is an important part of being a college student. This is especially true for students in top universities because they have to type for every single one of their courses. If you need to spruce up your typing skills, you may not have to do much to make that happen. Here are a few quick ways to improve your typing for college.


iPhone users may cringe at the thought of “AutoCorrect,” but smart college students know that it could save a ton of typing time. I’m a professional essay writer online. That’s how I pay my bills. Ironically, I’m a naturally crappy typist. I solve this through the use of AutoCorrect on Microsoft Word. Anytime I see a word underlined in red on my page, I right click on it, click the AutoCorrect option, and then click the word from the list that I want it to be. Then when I mistype that word again in the future, MS Word corrects it for me. This saves me typing time and editing time, allowing me to concentrate on my work.

There you can put in all kinds of words that you know you misspell so Word will fix them for you. This is a great tool, and it can literally shave hours off your typing if you use it effectively.


This is beyond obvious, but I still have to say it: practice makes perfect. The more essay writer types on the computer, the more acclimated he or she will be with the keyboard. When I first started writing online, it would take me a full hour to type up a 500-word article. Now I can whip up one of them in 10 minutes, including research time. It all comes down to using the computer frequently enough for your brain to get the hang of what it needs to be doing.
You can take typing courses to improve your skills, depending on how dedicated you are to learning. I used to play “fun” typing games that would teach while they entertained. There are tons of free ones online that you can check out, or you could buy a CD-ROM at an office supply store for this. You know how you learn, so all you need to do is find a solution that is going to work out for you.


This one mainly applies to women out there, but it could impact some men as well. If essay writers have short nails, he/she will have more control over the keyboard. I seem to get more typos when mine grow out because the nails will touch certain keys while my fingertips touch others. Then I end up with sentences that look like this: I case typer sat al;. No one wants that.
If you have really long nails, just take them down a notch. If you have no nails at all, you may actually want to grow them out slightly so you have something significant to hit the keys. Your nail length may not impact a whole lot in the long run, but it could cause minor issues with timing, which you need to take into consideration.


Learning how to type is not something you can just read about. You need to develop your own rhythm and your own interpretation of the keyboard. With a little help and some short nails, you should be typing like a pro in no time.

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