Essay Plagiarism Check

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If you don’t use plagiarism review and grammar review you’re doing something wrong you are required to submit your papers in this course to the plagiarism reviewer and I do that because if I find a small mistake or even a bigger mistake that is an honest mistake I want you to know that I want to know when I grade your paper that you’ve seen that mistake and that you kind of understand what’s going on so just kind of make sure you’re using that Center for writing excellence the particularly of the plagiarism checker it’s good at catching things it doesn’t catch everything.

But it’s good at catching things and bear in mind that’s not the only thing I’ll use either so let’s click on the Center for writing excellence oops sorry I went too far and then over here we’re gonna have writing in style guidelines  so we use  in the school so you’re gonna see this page this this is the writing guidelines for the University we’re gonna go through them here real quick first thing I want to point out is that the university recommends that you purchase the  reference manual do it you should do it it’s a very smart move you’ll use it trust me you’ll learn a lot of things from it that you might not have known existed so use it and it talks about how you know we use  and you know the final standard for everything as far as I’m concerned if you can format something in your paper that meets the standards of that Greg manual or the AP you know and you can point out to me that hey look I said I saw on page six of the  manual it said to do this and great I have no problem with that if you can’t say you did it based on that  manual and you should be able to really go to any instructor and say listen this was in the  manual unless they specifically told you to do it.

Otherwise I followed  but you can do that if you don’t have the manual so we see you’re writing in style expectations by degree level and then literally we have 100 to for associates this is the associate degree anything in the Associates Program falls under this so essentially you don’t have to format your tables and graphs with any preference you know to format your headings with any preference you don’t really have to use headings you have to use in-text citations and reference pages double-spaced 12-point for what each word you Times New Roman Arial or career farm and then title page contains paper title student name course due date and faculty name that’s what was on that on my paper that’s the guideline I followed in the bachelors degrees you can see things start to increase so in the 100 level course is very similar to the associate courses in the 200 level courses we start to contain graphs and stuff sorry zooming in and then we see that we need to use in all of our papers one level of heading.

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