About Writing Technical Reports

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Implementation section it`s that’s something which as I said is typically not in papers unless it’s the system paper or if you write technically reports technical report that’s often in there okay now you have an idea on what should be in a paper next thing now is to go through a checklist so once you’re done you have written all your document take a checklist and check what if you you’re in line with all of that the first thing is do people outside your field and if you write it for the course or someone’s not participating in that course but may be studying the same subject that you are doing understand the problem that you’re addressing I’m not here talking about the approach would stop. Learn useful info for your writing style at Edusson.

First is the problem clear have you come in it clear what issue you’re solving or what problem you’re solving and to people outside your field even have an idea how you can solve that they don’t need to perfectly understand that if you show to someone who’s your approach what you’ve developed here to someone whatever who studies medicine you can’t expect that this person completely understand what’s going on not blaming any medical students but just because there’s a different field but at least I should have a glimpse or an idea what the problem is and on a very abstract level how you solve that at the same point in time you want to have people from your field students you study with but will not attempt a course they should be able to completely understand what’s going on and they should even be able to reemployment your method from your description without any other help you give them your document they should be able to replicate your results and in the perfect case calendar the same thoughts that you generated although I know that this is very unlikely to happen because you would have to provide too many details to get exactly the same plot.

So this is quite unlikely but it should be the goal to provide so many details if someone can actually if these overall replicate your results so the important thing is to take a message has someone else read your work before you submit it if not that’s something to work on other things to check do these section headers have a clear statement so if I read the section header do I know what I’m going to expect do all my figures look nice where are this low resolution screenshots done from the slides at a resolution of 200 by 2 and pixels so that I can’t recognize even the fonts in the images anymore there’s something intimate II don’t want to see things should be easy to read it should also look visually appealing again you want to sell something page limits if there is a page limit like your report should not be longer than 7 pages it shouldn’t be longer than 7 pages there’s no excuse for an eighth page they’re places where they simply don’t consider those works directly rejected you’re not in line with the style that’s not.

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