A Quick Guide to the Best Places to Study

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Everyone has different places that they call the best places to study. These are more conducive to good studying, and the perfect place for one person might be a horrible choice for someone else.

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What time of day do you study the best? Are you an early bird, or a night owl? In general, it’s a good idea to schedule your most difficult tasks at the time of day when you are at your best, and your easiest studies at the time of day when it’s the hardest for you to work.

You may also need coffee or soda with caffeine during your study time, if you have found that it helps to keep you alert. Don’t rely on caffeine, though, as it may tend to make you jittery, and keep you awake after study time, when you need to sleep.

If munchies help you, keep some carrots or celery sticks and dip within reach. However, if you find that running to the snack machine is just a detour from studying, then maybe studying without snacks is a better idea.

What type of lighting do you prefer to study by? Some students like it overly bright, while others keep it so dark that it seems it would be hard to see, let alone study. Find a place with light that works for you.

Where are you most comfortable studying? Some students prefer to use a desk, some use a bed, and some sit or lie on the floor to study. As long as your body tolerates your preferred position, do whatever works best for you.

There are other things to plan around, too, when you’re looking the best places to study. Some of those considerations are:

Distractions, such as phones or TV’s – these might make it more difficult to keep your train of thought.

Temperature – if you’re too hot or cold, you will find your study time less productive. 

Other people – if they are people who will be studying with you, great! Have them quiz you. If they’re people who will draw your attention away from your studies, find a different place.

Some places that usually make good study areas include:

  • The school library – generally a very quiet area, with internet access if you need it for your studies.
  • Local coffee shops – a relaxing area, caffeine if you need it, but don’t let friends who aren’t there to study distract you.
  • Lunch and dinner eateries – If you can eat and study at the same time, go for it. They might be a bit noisy if you’re used to library studying, though. 
  • A park – usually a park is a very quiet and relaxing place to study. Weather permitting, of course.
  • Whatever locations you choose as your best places to study, take along all the materials you need, and schedule as much time as you need. Quality study time will pay off with better test grades.

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